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Axiom Scale Demonstrations


All of our shells are designed and tested in house. 

Maintaining control of the forming process and materials we use on our instruments we believe is important to maintaining the highest consistent quality of sound.

It was adopted by early makers to not count the central note when listing the number of notes each scale has, for example , in the handpan community it was common that when describing a "E minor 9" scale, the central note wouldn't be counted so the instrument would actually have a total of 10 notes. We kept with this tradition initially but have found it to be confusing especially as we explore alternative layouts with multiple center tones and bottom notes.


We have since decided to label the scales with the exact number of total notes. We will list that number next to each scale on this page, which may differ from the number that is hardcoded into some of our videos.



Select the category of instruments you wish to see

and hear based on their respective materials from the list below.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

F2 Low Pygmy 9

F Low Pygmy 9

G# Avalon 13

G# Avebury 9

B Ursa Minor 8

E Equinox 9 

C Hijaz 10 with Oxalis 9 bottom

F#2 Low Celtic Minor 8

C Golden Gate 8

E La Sirena Gate 8

G# Pygmy 11

E La Sirena 9

Nitrided Steel

Nitrided Steel

C# Celtic Minor 9

G# Avalon 12

C Eastwind 12

E Golden Arcadian 9

G# Kurd 10 (9+1)

G# Kurd 15

E Integral 10 

Hokkaido 10 

Bb Ursa Minor 9

B Deep Elysian 9

C# Ursa Major 9

E Raga Desya Todi 9

C# DXD 9

G# Pygmy 11

G# Harmonic Minor 10

E Hijazkiar 14

G# Kurd 18 

E Magic Voyage 9 

E Equinox 10 

B Ursa Minor 9

C# Annaziska 9

Eb Wellspring 9

E Shar 10

C Kurd 13

Higher Carbon Steel

Higher Carbon Raw

G Melog Seliser 9

E La Sirena 9

E Raga Desya Todi 9

D Integral 8

F Low Pygmy 9

C Golden Gate 8

G Oxalis 9

E Equinox 9

B Celtic Minor 9

Low G#2 Celtic Minor 8

E Kaffa 10

C Eastwind 9

C Da Xiong Diao (DXD) 9

C Deep Arcadian 9

C# Mystic  9

Axiom G# Minor Bass Pan

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