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Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions:


How to buy an Axiom?

Most of our instruments can be purchased here through our website! To inquire about custom orders or to schedule the servicing/repair of your existing handpan, pantam, cupola, or PanArt Hang please contact us. 



What is the price?

We experiment with innovative ways of production as a means to make it easier and more affordable for new players to get started in this art form on certain models, so reaching out and.

We build a variety of different note layouts on our instruments, some of which are more complex and will require more time and effort to shape resulting in a higher price.  Another possible factor that can add to the price of an instrument is the material it is made out of. Some materials are much harder and thicker than others which can increase the amount of time needed to properly build the instrument and could raise the price.  We hope to continue to have special and rare offerings of instruments as we catalog the sonic properties of different materials, an element we feel is something extremely important for us to continue our work explorations!

What forms of payment can I use?

Currently, our primary choice for checkout, invoicing, and accepting payments is through Paypal.

For international buyers or if Paypal is not an option we are happy to work with you to find a suitable alternative method of payment.
Contact us 
and let us know how we can help.

What are the prices for shipping?

We ship worldwide.

U.S Domestic shipping usually ranges between $50-$140 USD.

International shipping can range between $50-$300 USD
Our customers are responsible for any VAT and import fees their country may require.
All instruments are insured for the full value when shipped.

What size is the Axiom?

We work on a variety of different sized instruments, some of which are a 15" ID 338mm shell used on our micro pans, a 21" ID 533mm shell used on select instruments, and a 22" ID 559mm  shell that has been the main focus of our work. Our larger 22" (559mm) shells  have a 23.5" outer diameter from edge to edge,


By changing the size and geometry of the shell we can shift the internal frequency interference sometimes referred to as impedance that opens the possibility for new note and scale configurations. We will be adding different sizes of instruments in the future!

Do you provide a case?

Cases are optional and can be purchased by themselves or alongside any new instrument listed in our website, We currently offer a soft Namana backpack carrying case for $119, and an Armored Namana carrying case for $200 that can be shipped with any purchased handpan on our website.
We have very secure and safe methods for shipping instruments without cases both domestic and internationally.

Will my pan go out of tune if it gets hot?

No. We kiln our instruments multiple times during our early tuning process before the Handpan is glued to ensure maximum tuning stability. It is common for tuned steel to move in pitch temporarily while in direct sunlight but rest assured it will return to its original tuning when it cools. We do everything we can to greatly minimize this effect though it is not recommended to play the instrument firmly while hot, It can be subjected to the high heat, like in the trunk of your car all day on a hot day, without damage as long as the instrument is not played with hard strikes while hot. However, do your best to keep the instrument protected from extreme conditions.

What Models do you offer?

We build 2 different models currently. One is made from our Nitrided Hydroformed material. The other is made from a Higher Carbon Raw hand sunk material.

The Raw material is more challenging for us to work with and tune, so we likely will not be doing many. The slightly higher carbon seems to give the instrument a thick and rich tone, a lovely unique timbre with a long sustain. The Raw also has a beautiful aesthetic quality to it. It is extra shiny and very often the colors come out quite vivid. They do however require some extra care and maintenance to keep rust-free. It is not recommended for lots of outdoor playing in very humid environments, yet even in these places, those who stay on top of cleaning and oiling their instruments seem to have no problem as long as the instrument stays dry and off of sweaty laps and other compromising moist environments.

What Scales do you offer?

Currently using our 22" ID 559mm shells we are only focusing on scales that do not have the frequencies of A4 as a fundamental tone due to the natural impedance created by the cavity and architecture of the shells. On our 21" ID 533mm shells, we build scales that avoid any notes with a Fundamental of Bb4.

How do I care for and clean my Axiom?

For Stainless steel instruments which is our most corrosion-resistant material very little is needed to care for them aside from wiping them down as needed to keep the buildup of grime at a minimum. For raw untreated steel instruments, we recommend cleaning 1-2 times a month and before any event in a humid environment. A nitrided instrument should be fine with a cleaning every other month or less, depending on your preference and situation. Also with a nitrided instrument, it is wise to prepare for a big outdoor trip or anything like that with a cleaning and thorough lubrication. First, wipe it clean with a paper towel soaked/covered in some isopropyl alcohol, as high a percentage as you can get, but any will work. Try not to get the alcohol on the rubber edge trim. Then cover it in either steel lubricant designed to prevent rust from forming and to be mellow on the hands for instruments. We use either Phoenix Handpan Oil, Froglube, or Seal One Lubricant. If on a budget or in a pinch, mineral oil, coconut oil, any vegetable oil will work temporarily. Coat heavily with your hands or a microfiber cloth. Also, take this opportunity to get the inside of the Handpan. Ideally, wait until a sunny day and then put the instrument directly in the sun and rotate it every minute or so until the whole thing is warm, even a little hot. Then flip and do the same for the bottom. Then let it sit overnight and wipe clean in the morning with a fresh microfiber. Then keep the cloth in your bag and wipe it down after you play and your all set.

What is your return policy?

All instruments are handcrafted and as such all sales will be final. If there is a problem originating from the initial build and manufacture of the instrument we will take care of the repair or replacement as needed. If for some reason you do not like your instrument, we will gladly build you another, yet you will have to re-home the one you have purchased.

What happens if I damage my instrument or it goes out of tune?

We will re-tune any Axiom that is brought to or shipped to our shop.

The owner is responsible for shipping and we may require a clear video of the issues if an estimate is needed before we can physically see the instrument.


It is natural for the tuning of Handpans to drift over time the more they are played and the harder they are played. With a gentle touch, it could be years before a re-tune is needed. A heavy hand will result in a need for more frequent re-tunes. Pricing for re-tunes will vary, but a standard re-tune with common issues (most re-tunes fall into this category) will be an average of $75 + Shipping.

Where are you located?

We are located an hour and a half outside Las Vegas, Nevada, in the small town of Pahrump, NV on the outskirt of Death Valley, CA.


Reach out if you are interested in visiting here!


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