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C# Annaziska 9 (Also known as Kurd or Aeolian)

C# Annaziska 9 (Also known as Kurd or Aeolian)


Axiom - C# Annaziska 9

Also known as the Kurd and Aeolian scale

Scale: (C#) G# A B C# D# E F# G#

Material: Axiom Deep Drawn Stainless Steel 1.2mm

Port tuned: F#5, B5 unisons


Instrument will come with a Namana padded soft case, Microfiber cloth, and a sample pack of Seal 1 Lubricant.

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We ship worldwide; customers ordering from outside of the United States are responsible for any VAT or Import fees the destination country imposes. Instruments are packaged safely for their journey home and will be insured for their full value. Thank you so much; we truly appreciate your support in our work.

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